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Your choice for the legal and reliable supply of African species

Active in the African territory, LES srl is one of the most important companies of the ALPI group, operating in perfect harmony with the Italian mother company for the supply of logs, timber and veneers from Africa.

The Alpi group contains a range of different companies that control the entire supply chain, from procurement of raw materials to the first phases of log processing and the commercial force represented by LES.
Since its founding in the 1980s, LES has grown constantly, distributing wood and its by-products on all the major markets of the world, thanks to an organized, structured sales force.

Offering expert, reliable customer service for every product group, and custom solutions that adapt to the needs of every client thanks to a wide range of products of the highest quality, today LES has developed effective expertise in logistics and back office operations to reach sector professionals like makers of panelling, plywood, frames, furnishings, floors, doors, windows and yachts.

Another distinctive feature of the excellence of LES products is the consignment of all the legal documentation required for the European market (EU Timber Regulation) and the US market (Lacey Act).